Who am I?

Hello 👋🏻

Right! September is here and for every day this month The Little Birth Company have set a kickstart challenge (a good kick up the butt was needed after a summer hols of trying to fit work in where I could … totally bossed that though) and this is day 1!

So! Who am I?

This has come at a good time, because it’ll be good to intro myself to you

I’m Kate, I’m 37 and I’m from Milton Keynes!
(Feel like I’m on Blind Date! )

I am a Mummy to 2 very awesome little girls, wife to one very brilliant husband and feeder, walker, snuggler and general ball thrower to 2 cockapoos

I was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and have a fierce love for the city … and thankfully I have my awesome aunties who live up in Northumberland and who we are all going to bundle up and visit next year, so will stop in Newcastle and show the girls where Mummy’s from.

I moved all round the country with my Dad’s work and spent a big ol chunk of my childhood in and around Stamford and then a town called Oundle

I met Andy and followed him to MK…I bloody love it here! So much for us to do, so much green space, countryside on our doorstep and a great place for families.

I’ve never quite known exactly what it is I wanted to do but it was pretty much ground into me that in order to be ‘successful’ I needed to work in a big corporation, preferably in London….so after doing my degree, I started to climb the corporate ladder and worked my way up in HR. I loved it at the time and am grateful for my time working in the companies I did and with the people I did.

I’ve always had a fascination with the mind/body connection though and it was through having my babies that I discovered hypnobirthing and that was it for me. The power of the human body blows my mind and birth just makes me go ‘WOW’ all the time! So I knew that, when I found myself at a career crossroads, retraining and setting up my own business to support women during pregnancy, birth and postnatally was just my cup of tea!
I am ALWAYS learning and feel like I am just scratching the surface when it comes to my birth knowledge! And I know a shed load more than the average bear!

I love to read and research so will always make sure I have the most up to date info for my clients, but equally I am humble enough to admit when I need to go away and look at something further.
I have some great connections in the birth world too, that I can turn to as needed, and we are lucky that MK has some kick ass practitioners who really give a shit about properly supporting women and their families.

I believe in the monumental power of meditation and loves a bit of Reiki and crystal healing.

I LOVE to exercise…and think it so important to be STRONG 💪🏻… so I weight train, I do Pilates and yoga, I run (less at the moment because I’m taking some time off running!), I like HIIT (NOT burpees!) and walking and I’m thinking of adding rock climbing back into the mix…but we’ll see!

I like to cook, I love to travel and I treasure any time I get to spend with my family and favourite people.
I love to be by the sea but equally the mountains call to me and skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer is just about the best it gets!

I love music, I love to dance and I bloody love a good box set and get totally sucked in.

I LOVE TO LAUGH…and you’ll find that in my courses!…yes, I take what I do very seriously but I don’t take myself very seriously and I think it’s bloody important to have fun!

Hmmmm…so that’s a little about me … stay tuned this month as I post more about me, my business and birth and get in touch if you want to find out more about working with me!

Kate x

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