I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone considering (or not considering!) support during pregnancy and birth preparation.

Kate is such a kind, supportive, and calming person. I stumbled across her website early on in my pregnancy and instantly new I’d love to use her services from the realistic word choices used however fear and anxiety of the pregnancy not lasting meant I didn’t take up the option when I should have. However I phoned Kate around a month prior to my my due date, having completed a fantastic NCT course but still feeling I needed more guidance.

Kate tailored a session specifically for our concerns. Kate then spent additional time with us when we realised we would end up with a c section. She massively alleviated my many fears, supported my husband too, provided tools such as sound tracks and personalised affirmations which we used right up to the second our beautiful little boy was born and after.

Most importantly she helped us to find laughter and joy during, what was for us, a terrifying time. I still have an affirmation post card she chose for me on my bedside table which helps me each day that challenges us. She was also straight back in touch to offer support after. Thank you Kate.

Lucy and Chris
Kate has been an amazing support throughout my pregnancy and even post birth.

We had private hypnobirthing sessions from around 28 weeks.

Kate helped me to stay focused on my practice and was always happy to talk and hold space when talking about previous birth trauma or worries and a difficult breast feeding journey with my first.

When I think back to how I felt when I first met Kate I was so nervous and felt I wouldn’t be able to cope with another negative birth experience and really tough few months post-partum. This time despite not having the home birth I was planning for I feel so happy with how my birth turned out and proud of myself for having the courage to ask questions and make decisions that felt right for us whilst being under consultant care.

We achieved a natural birth in water with an aromatherapy back massage from my husband and I was able to bring my daughter out of the water and into my arms myself. Sooo empowering and magical.

Kate’s positive presence and the calm birth school method have played a huge part in healing old wounds and helping me achieve a POSITIVE birth!!! I am forever grateful 💕

I would highly recommend Kate’s classes to any pregnant ladies.

Sara and Hayden
We booked a course with Kate to help prepare us for the birth of our first baby. Kate is passionate and very knowledgeable.

She taught us the techniques and tools we need to prepare for the birth of our baby. We feel calm and confident that we will have the best birth for us and we are fully equipped with everything we need to help us prepare beforehand.

Kate is just such a lovely lady and a joy to be around. I would recommend her 100%. Thank you for everything Kate, and we will definitely stay in touch xx

Sammy and Michael
Kate is knowledgeable and passionate about all things pregnancy and baby.

A wonderfully warm person who puts you at ease and can help you at many stages of your baby journey.

I had the 'Closing your Bones' treatment after a traumatic birth with my second child and would recommend it to anyone who has had a baby.

Calming, mindful, spiritual and helps you reconnect with your body

Before the birth of our first child, my husband and I decided that we would like to learn some hypno-birthing techniques and I am SO glad we did! We found Kate and mini-miracles on-line after reading about her story and background, decided to book on a course. Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish and her enthusiasm and passion came through in every session.

In the run up to the birth, I felt confident and prepared and Kate was on hand to answer any questions we had and talk through any concerns.

As with a lot of births, things didn’t quite go to plan, but thanks to the skills and techniques taught by Kate, we took control of the things we knew we could, and didn’t stress about the things we couldn’t. Our beautiful daughter Ruby was born on the Tuesday morning, and I am super proud of how things went, despite things not going to plan. Without the hypno-birthing and Kate guidance, I think things could have been very different.

I would thoroughly recommend Kate’s services and feel that the skills learnt on our course were so valuable. She’s super friendly, easy-going and a real gem of a find!

Rohan and John