Food Glorious Food…

Snacks during labour 🥗🍓🥥🍪🥯🥞🍐🍏

Something that gets discussed a lot during our birth preparation courses and workshops!
Particularly because the birth companion can ensure that as part of their awesome role, Mamma stays fed 🙌🏻

We talk about slow release foods and being mindful of blood sugar levels 
But we also discuss eating whatever the fuck makes us feel good in the moment 🤔

For me it was a mars bar…sometimes it’s the only thing that’ll do 😂

Something that does come up (pardon the pun!) is sickness and nausea 🤢🤮 and not wanting to eat anything

I speak from experience here…sickness at any point of pregnancy is a bitch, but I was like ‘OH PISS OFF’ when it persisted during labour too 🙄

But and because this is how I like to reframe…if anything positive comes from feeling sick during labour  let it be encouragement that labour is progressing and you are being AWESOME 😎 you’re getting closer to the finish line… YES! ⭐️ and WOHOOOOO you get to meet your wonderful baby soon 🥰
You are a mothertrucking birthing goddess 🌸

This change of thought process perhaps can be that boost of ‘I CAN DO THIS’ that will fuel you through the finish line and to meeting your brand new little human! 🙌🏻

Oh and staying hydrated is key 🔑

If you can manage anything…bland foods may be your friend ☺️

Do you guys have any tips for snacks during labour? What were your go-to foods?

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