Hi, I’m Kate Rixon

Hi, my name is Kate, nice to meet you!

I am a positive pregnancy and birth coach specialising in hypnobirthing techniques, a breastfeeding peer support, a freedom fertility specialist and all round birth geek…

I am based in Milton Keynes and work around Milton Keynes, West Bedfordshire, South Northamptonshire and Buckingham.

I first came across the wonder that is hypnobirthing when I had my second baby and with that came an epiphany moment that birth could be a calm and positive event…one that I felt in control of, that helped me ensure I had a kick ass birth team around me, that made me feel that I mattered and was listened to; one that was empowering, raw and oh so moving!

I totally trusted my body to birth my baby and let go of all the fear I had…I was a birthing rockstar!

When I found myself at a career crossroads…the thoughts of hypnobirthing and sharing the hypnobirthing love with people around the area hadn’t left me, so I re-trained and set up my business and didn’t look back. I have always supported people and help them unleash their inner power as part of my career…but now I was doing it in the birth world and it felt right!

People ask me about hypnobirthing and what it entails and I always start by saying that I believe that investing in yourself and your birth preparation is going to be some of the best money you ever spend! Not only does it arm you with some awesome tools and techniques that will help you remain calm, relaxed and in control of your birth experience; it also makes sure you are informed, supported, empowered, inspired, and most of all respected!

I can’t guarantee a particular kind of birth, no-one can! Trust me, if I could guarantee a particular kind of birth…I would!

However, what I can guarantee is a safe environment where your birth choices are supported unconditionally without judgement or agenda, allowing you to trust your intuition and explore your emotions around birth without feeling like someone is trying fix you. We will consider your choices, building your birth preferences with the guidance you require, all the while making you feel like a fu**ing birthing badass…and oh so powerful.

Because let’s be honest, the decisions you make and the actions you take in your birth preparation are going to have a big impact on your experience…and you want to feel prepared no matter what happens during your baby’s birth.

That’s what I offer.

I am not here to tell you what to do, because you are unique and there is no ‘one size fits all solution’ when it comes to birth… but what is most important to me is that you have the inner confidence to rock this birth and parenting thing your way! I do this by sharing up-to-date evidence based techniques and tools and ensuring that you are fully equipped to be an active participant in your birth!

So are you ready to take the first step to your positive birth experience?
Get in touch now and we can get started straight away!

I can’t reiterate enough that I am here to support you, support your choices and help you to ask the questions you want to of the health professionals and ensure that you are in control of your pregnancy and birth; whilst being armed with the confidence that someone is there in your corner yelling (with Pom-poms) ‘WOOHOO YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOU CAN F#%*ING DO THIS’

Everything you need is already inside you…

I know it’s tough though…we are taught that birth is something to be feared. We are convinced to not trust in ourselves and our bodies…that birth is not a normal natural event and will need medical assistance…but what if I told you our bodies are not broken and not every birth is a medical emergency. Yes, I understand that there are pregnancies and births that are high risk…but not every birth!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Professional Qualifications

Hypnobirthing Training with The Wise Hippo

Hypnobirthing CPD with The Calm Birth School

Hypnobirthing CPD and refresher with The Little Birth Company

Closing the Bones training with Sophie Messager

Rebozo use with Sophie Messager

Bring Relief with your Debrief – Traumatic Birth Recovery

Freedom Fertility Formula – Dany Griffiths

BabyCalm with CalmFamily

Breastfeeding Peer Support – NHS and Mindful Breastfeeding School