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The Little Birth Company Programme is the real deal when it comes to your birth preparation and antenatal classes.

Although everything might be feeling pretty overwhelming and daunting right now and you might be thinking ‘how the f*%k am I ever going to do this’ … you’ll find that investing in some awesome birth preparation & education classes can leave you feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your own birth experience! And that is pretty awesome!

I am not promising you a pain free, drug free birth…but I can totally promise you that I will work with you to help you feel powerful, informed, confident and that you are going to totally rock when it comes to the birth of your baby!

You and your birth partner will leave feeling prepared emotionally, physically and practically for the birth of your baby.

Some of the many things we will talk about –

  • The normal physiology of birth and exactly what your body does when you are birthing your baby (the biology of birth & the science bit).
  • How emotions can have an effect on the process of birth and techniques to keep calm and in control (more of the science).
  • The mind-body connection and how to birth confidently & without fear
  • What those hormones are up to and the effect they have on birth
  • How to use hypnosis in birth
  • How to use relaxation, awesome breathing techniques and affirmations to calm your body and mind
  • Signs of labour and stages of labour
  • Options for where to have your baby
  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
  • How to create your ideal birth environment
  • Birthing techniques for labour and birth
  • Medical interventions
  • How to deal with the unexpected and remain calm, in control and focussed no matter what happens during the birth of your baby
  • How a positive approach to birthing can make a huge difference
  • How to be a kick ass birth team with your birth partner and how they can be an amazing support for you during birth
  • Physical preparations including gentle yoga moves that will align your baby and encourage your baby into the best position for birth. This also includes learning about good birthing positions
  • What to do once your baby is in your arms

You will receive;

  • A modern and up-to-date birth preparation and hypnobirthing course
  • A warm welcome, a comfy seat and lots of yummy snacks
  • A Little Birth Company workbook to support what is learnt in the sessions and enable you to practice at home
  • 6 Wonderful mp3s to support your practice at home (including a Birth Rehearsal and a Fear Release)
  • Access to your own client area
  • Ongoing support from me; during classes and up the birth of your baby
  • Support from the Facebook group

Reserve your place on the next Hypnobirthing Group Course!

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required when you book your place. Your place on one of the courses will be confirmed once deposit payment has been received


Course Format

Group courses are usually small classes of 4-5 couples and run over 3 weeks. Each Mini Miracles Birth Preparation class is approximately 3 hours (allowing for chat, bathroom break and snack time!) and is the same day each week.

The classes are kept small so people feel they can talk and ask questions as we go along. It also means you have the opportunity to get to know the other couples and chat about how you are getting on with the course and home practice. That could be the start of some awesome friendships!

The earliest I would recommend that you start the Mini Miracles Birth Preparation sessions is after your 20 week scan to give you plenty of time to practice the tools and techniques before the birth.

But please don’t let that put you off if you are further along in your pregnancy, there is still plenty of time for you to attend the classes and practice the fab tools and techniques. Some couples actually prefer to start the course a bit later on in their pregnancy and closer to their ‘due date’ because they find that they feel more motivated and can really focus on the birth.

If you would like to attend the 3 week course but cannot attend one of the days, please do get in touch to see if we can either accommodate you on a different course day for that module or arrange a private 1-2-1 session (this will incur a small additional cost)

Get in touch today to secure your place on the next course!