Love a good birth story!

When you receive a review from some dreamboat clients…😍

Had to share…what an absolute rockstar she was…

‘My husband and I found Kate and Mini Miracles on-line after deciding that we’d like to learn hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of our first child. 

Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish and her enthusiasm and passion came through in every session.

In the run up to the birth, I felt confident and prepared and Kate was on hand to answer any questions we had and talk through any concerns.

As with a lot of births, things didn’t quite go to plan, and the water birth I’d hoped for in the birth centre was ruled out when they detected meconium in my waters. I was then in a very small room, on a very hot day in August, attached to a lot of machines and in the full throws of labour. Not quite the serene, calm environment I had imagined!

This is where the hypnobirthing techniques taught by Kate really helped. It ensured that my husband and I remained calm, talked through all the suggested interventions offered at various stages using BRAINS. We took control of the things we knew we could, and didn’t stress about the things we couldn’t.

12 hours of labour later, with no pain relief or intervention apart from an episiotomy at the final stage, my daughter Ruby was born, She was most chilled, gorgeous little baby and I was able to hold and feed her straight away which was the most important thing for me.

Looking back now, I am super proud of how things went, despite things not going to plan. Without the hypnobirthing and Kate’s guidance, I think things could have been very different.

I would thoroughly recommend Kate’s services and feel that the skills learnt on our course were so valuable. She’s super friendly and easy-going and a real gem of a find!’

YES! fantastic

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