Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Milton Keynes

 Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting Milton Keynes 


The pregnancy, birth & parenting MK Facebook group I used to co -admin (Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting MK) got to a bit neglected and became a bit of an advertising free for all…I’m embarrassed to say it was allowed to happen 🙁

I am keen to make the group awesome and way more interactive so have become a lot stricter about advertising and only approved practitioners can advertise and not all the time…so not to overwhelm the members of the group.

I’m kinda sole admin for now and my aim is to showcase the awesome pregnancy, birth & parenting resources we have in mk but to also create some events etc in the group that people can attend

The original vision for the group was to expand and create a community for mums which will provide everything they need for pregnancy, birth and parenting in MK and the vibe continues to be all about women empowering women.

So, if you want to feel confident, prepared, calm, excited even for the birth of your baby and want to talk about how you’re feeling in a safe space then this is the Facebook group for you!

If you want to talk about being a new Mum and all that goes along with this exhausting, unpredictable and magical journey, then this is the place you’ve been looking for!

If you are navigating the sometimes choppy waters that go with toddlers and preschoolers, then come share, chat and connect with like minded Mummas who are going through the same thing!

That’s why we’re here…

From bump, to birth, to baby, to breastfeeding and beyond we’re going to talk about it all.

And with a host of wonderful practitioners in your corner – you’ll find the support you are looking for.

💕Lactation consultants
💕Hypnobirthing instructors
💕Pregnancy massage and movement
💕Antenatal Education
💕Baby Massage
💕Baby yoga
💕Washable nappies
💕Fertility Coach
💕Sling consultant
💕Active Birth
💕Placenta encapsulation
💕Early Parenting Support
…and much more!

We’ve got you covered. 

Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting MK

See you there!

Kate x

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