Why The Calm Birth School and what is it?

I mentioned that Mini Miracles is going through some awesome changes and there are going to be some pretty epic additions in 2018

Well, I am so psyched to let you know that I am now working in association with The Calm Birth School!

The buzz, the support, the awesome materials…this is the stuff people! It makes me feel so excited to be part of something AWESOME! And that is only going to filter through to you guys…my wonderful clients!

The Calm Birth School is perfectly aligned with what I share with my squad and I am finding so much wonderful inspiration!

You may already have heard of The Calm Birth School – it was founded by the fantastic and truly inspirational Suzy Ashworth after the birth of her daughter and it has gone on to help thousands of women across the world create the calm and positive birth experiences they want.

The way I’ve always supported you won’t change…my main goal remains to ensure you feel confident, empowered, supported and that you matter!

As always I am not here to tell you what to do, because you are unique and capable of making the best choices for you and your baby! There is no ‘one size fits all solution’ when it comes to birth… but what remains most important to me is that you have the inner confidence to rock this birth and parenting thing your way!

I’ll still be spending the same amount of time with you, supporting you in your birth education and what’s awesome is that I’ll be putting together some different packages to give you opportunities to find the best way for you to feel full on prepared for the birth of your baby.

And you can still expect…

  • A modern and up-to-date birth preparation and hypnobirthing course
  • A warm welcome, a comfy seat and lots of yummy snacks
  • The Calm Birth Method Book by Suzy Ashworth to support what is learnt in the sessions and enable you to practice at home
  • 6 Wonderful mp3s to support your practice at home (including a Birth Rehearsal and a Fear Release)
  • Access to your own client area
  • Lots of amazing birth affirmations to help you feel calm and confident about your birth
  • Ongoing support from me; during classes and up the birth of your baby
  • Support from the Facebook group
  • Opportunity to meet up with fellow pregnant peeps!

Fantastic! In a nutshell…with me and The Calm Birth School in your corner…aka the ultimate tag team…you can know that you are in safe hands when it comes to your ultimate birth prep!

So if you are expecting, are in Milton Keynes and like what you’re reading…it’s time to get in touch!



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