Choosing a hypnobirthing or antenatal teacher can be a daunting process!

Choosing an antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher can be a daunting process!

It’s important that you go with the person that you are really going to enjoy spending time with during this precious time

To help along the way, I have popped together 5 things you might like to consider when choosing your antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher;

1. Do they have a Facebook page or similar where you can watch them in action and get a feel for them as a person? It’s a great way to use social media to its advantage and ‘meet’ any teachers you are thinking of booking with prior to making your decision about working with them.
Think about the language they use, do you find them inspirational; do they make you laugh and feel at ease? It’s a good place to start!

2. What are their views on things like pain relief? For example drugs, TENS, gas and air etc. When choosing someone to work with, it may be a question worth asking! Some people are committed to avoiding drugs at all costs, however it is your birth and if you think you would like to consider a little more help, then you will want to work with someone that will help you be fully informed.

3. Cost! Definitely something to consider. Like many things, we often find quality costs a little more and when it comes to investment, quality birth education could be some of the best money you’ll spend during your pregnancy. You may not have the spare cash to pay for courses in one go, so ask for possible payment plans. Some teachers may have no flexibility and some are happy to put together a plan that suits you to ensure you have access to the birth education you want.

4. What other courses do they offer? If you would like a one-stop shop for all your birth education, you might like to know they offer other courses too, like pregnancy relaxation. Alternatively, they may have a network of other awesome practitioners or teachers they can recommend.

5. What level of support are you going to get by booking with them? Think about what is important to you. Are you looking to attend the classes and that will work fine for you? Are you wanting a more individualised approach which includes email, phone and text support and even support in the form of a meet-up and a cuppa? Think about what you would prefer! During pregnancy and being new parents, we often feel we need someone on our side, someone who has our back and your hypnobirthing or antenatal teacher can be that for you!

These 5 things you might want to consider and ask about, because you are making such an important investment in your birth education and the right hypnobirthing or antenatal teacher can make the world of difference to you feeling calm, relaxed, informed and full on ready for the birth of your baby!

And if you feel like you would like to get in touch and ask me any of those questions! Please do…you never know…we could be perfect for each other!
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