Coming soon – watch this space – Early Parenting Programme launch!

You may remember me saying that 2017 is all about reviewing and refining the offering I have for my wonderful clients and I am so excited to be able to offer some ‘new parent’ sessions in the coming months. A wonderful programme that will be designed to furnish you with balanced information and support you and your decisions for early parenting…the ones that you think are best for you and your family.

Now, you got to agree that this is something every new parent should have access to right?

It is easy to feel bombarded by information, ‘useful’ viewpoints and opinions when you have a new baby, but the most important thing you can learn from day one is to trust your instincts!

I know it’s easy to say the words ‘trust in your instincts’ but sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what that really means! I think simply it means listening to what your gut tells you, what your intuition is saying…I guess it’s about going with what you feel inside is the best thing to do. Our intuition is a powerful thing and people are often heard saying they were ‘glad they listened to their gut’ or ‘if only I’d gone with my intuition and what my gut was telling me’

I definitely have experienced this a lot and know from personal experience.

When I had my first baby I was directed to a book that was apparently going to help her to sleep and get her into a routine…amongst other things…but first of all I had to take a quiz and work out what kind of baby I had!

Excuse me…WTF? What kind of baby I have? Like there are only x number of categories of individual and it was that easy to identify where she sat…

I remember sitting there one afternoon with this bloody book crying and crying because I was too tired to work out the ‘type of baby’ I had and then it dawned on me! I couldn’t be expected to pigeon hole this wonderful unique bundle of DNA that I’d given birth to just weeks before. We were going through a precious time of getting to know each other and I didn’t want to be told what I needed to do…I wanted to continue trusting my instincts, doing what I felt was right, snuggling my new baby all the time and know that I was the best thing for her! So what if we weren’t sleeping all night…babies are not designed to do that…(but that’s a different conversation!). I didn’t need some f***ing book upsetting me, I just needed some people who I could trust to back me up and offer kind words and guidance (luckily I have a fab husband and like-minded group of friends) and resources that I could rely on to be a support when needed.

(needless to say, the book was shoved under the coffee table so I didn’t have to look at it and was never read again!)

Support for new parents is so important to me; I believe it is one of the areas that can be overlooked somewhat and new mothers, parents, care givers can be given information or support that is a)outdated, b)goes against their natural instincts and c)causes more upset than it does good. I do, however, know that there are some awesome resources and support out there, I am in no way saying there isn’t, but I am keen to offer more of that support and signpost new parents to resources that can really help them.

Whilst I have my own deep seated views about parenting and baby sleep, feeding etc, I am pro choice and believe that parents should be able to make their own choices based on the balanced information that is presented to them.

And…that is what I intend to do!

I will be launching a new Early Parenting Programme in the coming months for Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas and will be sharing more information about keep your eyes peeled!

Kate x

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