Dad to Dad…what this hypnosis for childbirth (hypnobirthing) is all about…

A little something from my hubs…he was sceptical at first too you know…

Hi, I’m Andy, Kate’s husband!

We experienced the Wise Hippo Programme for our second child and it was eye opening as to how much more in control we felt as a couple.

Our first child was born in hospital where we put everything in the hands of the midwife. It was frantic, hectic and completely unpredictable. We had been to NCT classes, NHS antenatal etc yet we were flying by the seat of our pants.

So when Kate learnt about the Wise Hippo Programme I was naturally sceptical (I hate spending money, especially on something that didn’t seem essential) but I was happy to take Kate’s enthusiasm as enough to go forward with it.

Our teacher was great. The course is made to include practical explanations so I could really see how the birth would pan out differently. There was a moment when it all just clicked! I was going to be a big part of this birth and that was something I really could look forward to.

The second birth couldn’t have been more different. Very relaxed and in control. Was amazing to see my wife give birth the way we wanted. Even the midwives were amazed at how relaxing the birth was.

I felt empowered to be able to confidently tell the midwives what we wanted. I knew what Kate was doing and was able to support her equally in confidence.

Once our daughter arrived it was amazing how alert and relaxed she was.

If you’re expecting your first baby, then you can really benefit from the additional knowledge and technique. Of course the unknown is ahead of you, but you really will learn things you can use.

If you’re expecting another baby, then you’ll go in to the next with more control and confidence.

I really felt our home birth was exactly what we wanted and this is why I fully support Kate in helping others to have the same experience.

As you can see…it really is life changing stuff this Wise Hippo Birthing Programme! Together we were the most awesome birth team and to have my husband by my side every step of the way and know he knew our birth preferences and was prepared to stand up for our choices made it so much easier to remain calm, relaxed and in control.

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