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Hands up if you feel pretty sh*t scared when you hear the word birth…the very thought of it makes you run cold and you’ve been sticking your head in the sand pretending it isn’t going to be happening…

Yes, you’re doing an awesome job at growing a tiny human…but maybe you’re suddenly finding that everyone has an opinion on how you should birth!

How it should be done… How it shouldn’t be done…

Maybe people are going out of their way to share their birth stories with you…some good, but mostly they are sharing the bad (nope, not cool!)

Perhaps it’s all got a bit overwhelming. You want to be fully informed about your choices and feel calm and confident about this whole birth thing, but you don’t know where to start…

Maybe you want to unleash the power in you to rock your birth YOUR way… and perhaps you want to go from frightened, anxious and majorly freaked out to feeling pretty fucking fearless, but you just don’t know if you can…

Now, imagine you have the tools, techniques, support and confidence you want to achieve the calm and positive birth experience you’ve been dreaming about! How does that sound? Pretty damn good?

Well you are in the right place!



My clients come to me for my supportive, down to earth, tried and tested and dare I say fun birth preparation classes that leave them feeling like they can totally kick ass and have the birth that is the right one for them and baby. Whatever that may look like and whatever birth preferences they may have!

So, maybe this is your first birth and you’ve heard of some epic birth stories and decided you want that too!

Perhaps this is your second or third or fourth… and when you think about your previous birth experience, you know you want this experience to be calm & positive.

Well, I feel you lovely one, I have most definitely been there and felt the way you do now and together we can totally have you feeling full on prepared, no matter what happens during your baby’s birth.

…sound good so far? Check out the different courses…

…but don’t just take my word for it…

I was on a total high, I couldn’t believe how quickly (compared to my first birth) it had all happened, yet I hadn’t felt hurried or rushed. The techniques I had practiced really worked and I was so glad my husband was able to anchor me to keep going. It was such a special time for the two (then three) of us. I felt so powerful and relaxed.

Alison and Ant

Tips, thoughts and articles…

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Whether you are birthing at Home, Hospital or a Midwifery Led Unit it is so important that you pack some essentials for mum, birth
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Birth can be wonderfully unpredictable and it’s very useful to not be stuck fast to any one way of doing things. Having said that
Rock your birth…YOUR WAY!!
‘Birth…it can’t really be planned for, right…and any birth ‘plans’ you make go straight out of the window anyway, yeah…’   You may be

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